Derbyshire Dales PCN




The mission of the PCN is to deliver high standards of patient care whilst supporting the NHS to deliver a sustainable system.

8 GP Practices have joined together to form the Derbyshire Dales PCN. They are:

PCN Demographics:

The current population list size of Derbyshire Dales PCN serving 49,782 patients.

The PCN serves a rural and town populations which also includes a number of large farming communities.


The broad vision for Derbyshire Dales PCN is to provide a wide range of services for our patients that produce positive patient outcomes while working to reduce the pressure on our workforce.

We will achieve this by:

  • Working collaboratively with members of the network, ensuring that each voice is heard
  • Working in partnership with local stakeholders to improve and expand our scope of services
  • Fully embedding ARRS roles in to our PCN and ensuring they feel valued and supported
  • Both the alliance and both PCNs are actively participating and collaborating in a progressive approach to primary care


Excellence: We will strive for excellence through the care we deliver, and we will remain committed to the development of our PCN. We will recognise and celebrate the shared successes of our PCN. 

Communication and Inclusivity: We will respect all PCN members, communicate clearly, and take the movement of information and opinion seriously. We will advocate for diversity and champion care for one another.

Commitment to quality of care: We aspire to provide outstanding care for our patients and will strive to get the fundamentals of quality of care – safety, effectiveness and patient experience right every time.

Integration: We will constantly work towards every role in the PCN feeling valued and supported by every practice in our network.